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Sending on mission as a grace (Mt 20:16-20)

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SMSM SistersComing from the small island of Futuna, my religious life took me around the world to proclaim Jesus Christ. It is in thanksgiving that I take a look at these 50 years in the service of Mission.

In Oceania, Africa and France, it is in the joy and light of Easter that the church proclaims: "Jesus is truly risen."The strength of this proclamation of the Good News, revealed to the women and the disciples, has passed through the centuries and today, has reached us.

This Good News lit up my way and led me to different peoples where the Holy Spirit had preceded me, like my sisters before me.

After my profession I did a year of catechist training, then at the Technical School in Païta, New Caledonia.

I was then sent to the Isle of Pinesto begin my missionary apostolate with young girls in teaching and domestic work. This course prepared them either for living an active life, or to continue their studies. It lasted two years

Setting out and setting out for a new mission, I was appointed to Wallis for the same kind of service as on the Isle of Pines. For two years as well.

Returning to New Caledonia, a change of activity awaited me. I had to go from housekeeping to catechism with the children at Riviere Salee.  I was also part of the team for the pastoral care of vocations for six years.

I then set off for Europe, to make my second novitiate and continue my formation in catechesis. On my return to New Caledonia, I went to the novitiate at Mount Mou for two years to assist the Novice Directress.

Going to Africa:  Rosso in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania with changes in culture and mentality that required a conversion of the heart. Our presence there asked us to try to proclaim the Good News by a listening presence and to live the gospel. It made me grow in silence, abandonment and adoration. My work at the Health Centre with malnourished children made me more vulnerable - they were waiting for care and seeking some comfort.

Leaving Mauritania forSenegal: For the pastoral care of vocations in which SMSM sisters have always worked. After years of patience, the Lord has fulfilled our hope by giving us vocations from the countries of West Africa. At the same time I taught literacy, sewing and craft work to women in the neighbourhood of Pikine.

Retuning to France: St Victoret, Marignane,where my apostolate in catechesis put me in contact with children, their parents, adult catechumens, and parents asking for baptism for their children.

Teaching catechism made me deepen my knowledge of the Sacred Scripture, the Sacraments, the testimonies of those who gave their lives without counting in the service of their brothers.  It was a very enriching time.

The beauty of liturgies in catechesis is also a path that helps many young people and adults to meet the Lord Jesus. This beauty can reach the heart of everyone by revealing to them the goodness of the Risen One. As St Augustine says, "we love only what is beautiful, the Word made Flesh, revelation of infinite beauty."

Catechesis through charitable activities helps young people to open up to the needs of other young people living in uncomfortable and miserable situations. 

To help me live through these many changes, the VirginMary has been my guide and the support of my journey. During her life Mary was a model of fidelity, of availability to the incredible changes that God asked her to make. It is through her that I offer to the Lord, my thanksgiving for the blessings received, in my life as a missionary sister.


S. M. Polycarpe  PIPISEGA smsm