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S. Malia Falakiko Toke

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Date of Death 16/12/2018

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     Sister Malia Falakiko TOKE

      25 June 1936 - 16 December 2018


Falakika, daughter of Soane TOKE and Valelia ILOAI, was born on 25 June 1936 at Alele, Hihifo, in Wallis. At the age of 25 she followed in the steps of her older sister, Sr Malia Suliana, who had already been professed as a Missionary Sister of the Society of Mary in 1952. Falakika entered the congregation at Sofala then moved to the novitiate in New Caledonia several months later where she took the name Sister Malia Falakiko. On 8 September 1964 she took her first vows in the Noumea Cathedral. She made her perpetual profession on 10 September 1972 in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul at Hihifo.

Malia Falakiko’s missionary life was marked by many changes – different places and various apostolates.

After profession she remained in Mont-Mou, New Caledonia, before being missioned to France, to Sainte Foy-lès-Lyon, where she gave service in the community from 1965 to 1969. It was there she participated in the 1969 Scholasticate, and worked part-time at the hospital in Ste Foy where both staff and patients appreciated the way she cared for the sick. She followed some courses in the care of children and catechesis.

Back in Oceania she gained further experience at the dispensary in Paita, New Caledonia. When she returned to Wallis in 1972 she worked as a nurse aid for theProtection Maternelle et Infantile (PMI) at the hospital in Sia. Later she was to continue this work in the dispensary of Sigave, Futuna. Sr Malia Falakiko often spoke of the joy she felt in working together with doctors and nurses.

Sister believed that a priority for our congregation was to respond to the needs of the youth, young couples and families. In 1977 she participated in a course for the promotion of women at the South Pacific Commission in Fiji. This gave her stronger preparation for her visits to families - something she did at Rivière Salée in Noumea after her 1979 LTSR in Rome. Service in youth hostels was another aspect of her apostolate: at Foyer Massabielle in New Caledonia (1982), then for two years at the hostel in Sofala and finally in 1986 with the boarders in Malaetoli until she needed to help care for her infirm mother.

Malia Falakiko’s involvement with catechetics, begun while a young sister in France, continued to be woven throughout her life. She taught catechism while in the parish of Rivière Salée, and later continued this work in Mua, Wallis. In 1988 she was offered a year of catechetical training in Noumea which her assignments in Hihifo, Wallis, then in Sausau, (Futuna), Mata Utu, Malaetoli and Mua enabled her to put into practice over the following years.

Throughout her smsm life she also offered Martha-like service – care of the house, sacristy or chapel, kitchen, and welcoming people to the community. After her LTSR she served in the Generalate community for two years. From 1998 she was at the Regional House in Sofala, from there taking care of the practical services necessary to run Bishop Lolesio Fuahea’s house. As a woman who observed everything, she like things to be clean and in order. Sister spoke directly when she did not agree. She also loved to share news and was interested in what was happening in both the world and congregation.

For some years Sister had diabetes. In 2009 she needed more care and moved to Sofala, Notre Dame. She believed in the importance of prayer, and this showed in her daily living in the community. Whenever one looked for her, she would be in the chapel; she rarely took a siesta but took time to adore the Lord. Although Malia Falakiko walked with difficulty, she was always ready to help out in the kitchen and prepare the liturgy when needed. A good listener, she highly valued respecting people through understanding their culture and where they are at. She was very hospitable, quick to see the goodness in others, and a grateful person.

Recently her condition worsened and she was hospitalised on Thursday 25 October 2018 at Sia. Her great joy was that Sister Georgeanne Marie visited her. She was happy and this gave her relief in her pain. The day before Sister Georgeanne Marie’s departure, she became very sad and thanked her for her support and prayer. At that time she was conscious. She kept on asking her sister Helena and Asesione, who were with her, to pray. The doctor admired her quiet courage during her suffering. When he asked her how she was feeling she always replied that she was alright.

Before Malia Falakiko’s left foot was amputated on Friday 14 December, Sister Malia Nive told her of the love and prayers of the Sisters. Sister asked her to thank them and to continue praying for her. On Saturday evening when Sister M. Nive and Lutekate visited her we saw that her condition had worsened, and she had difficulty in breathing. We prayed with her and renewed her vows. Sister M. Falakiko heard us, opened her eyes and raised her head as if to say, “Yes, I want this.” After this beautiful time of prayer, her breathing became irregular and her eyes closed. Towards 01.00 am on Sunday 16 December the Lord called her. Her face was serene and joyous.

In the first reading from Zephaniah for the third Sunday of Advent, the day of her death and burial, we hear: “God will exult with joy over you and will renew you by his love.” (Zeph 3:17) May the Lord welcome you into the house of God.


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