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Sister Anne Dupuis SMSM (Mary Philip Charles)

List of Deceased Sisters

Date of Death 02/05/2024

        Born: 25 January 1936

        Professed: 09 March 1962

        Deceased: 02 May 2024


Sr. Anne Dupuis was born in Framingham, Ma and was the eldest of two girls.  Her sister Mary Ellen predeceased her.  Family was important to Anne and she loved them all especially her Niece and nephews.  When a nephew visited Sr. Anne at Care Dimension Hospice, he shared that Anne “was a woman of strength.”  These words remained in my heart and made me search for the definition of a woman of strength and this is what I found.  

“A strong woman isn’t afraid of anything, but a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of a fearful situation. A strong woman won't let anyone get the best of her, but a woman of strength gives her best to everyone.”  This is who Anne was, as a Marist Missionary Sister, she gave her best to everyone. 

Sr. Anne entered the Marist Missionary sisters on Oct. 7, 1959 and was professed on March 9, 1962.  Anne had many gifts and shared these gifts in many areas of the world.  After profession her first mission was Staten Island, New York, for service to the Marist Father’s novitiate and then moved with them to Rhinebeck, New York.  Her next mission was to Jamaica, West Indies, Hansen Home for leprosy patients. Here she enjoyed giving her best to these persons who were shunned by the outside community. 

On returning from Jamaica, Anne went to Bentley College where she got her degree in accounting.  In 1971 sister was missioned to the Fiji Islands, where she worked at St. Mary’s High School, Suva.  She returned in 1977 for her home visit. Following this visit, she became financial administrator of Maristhill Nursing Home, where she worked until 1981.   Anne had excellent qualities in finances and used them in administration and later in Florida with the elderly.  After a renewal time in Colorado, sister gave service in Grove St., Belmont and Lexington communities.  In 1991. Anne was missioned to the Virgin Islands.  Sr, Theresa Pasterczyk shares some of her memories at this time.   “Spirituality as well as recreation, fun time, was important to Anne.   Occasionally we drove up the mountains of St. Thomas to pray vespers with a beautiful view of the Caribbean.  St. John Virgin islands was noted for its lovely beaches and snorkeling.  More than once we went there as I watched Anne deep dive snorkeling.  Amazing. “

When Anne came back from the Virgin Islands, she worked for Catholic Relief Services in Berlin NH, for a year.  From 1994-1998 she cared for her aging father and step- mother. After her parents’ death in 1998 she was missioned to Naples Florida where she worked in parish ministry and the senior population.  In leaving Naples, she joined our sisters in the Rocky Creek retirement village, Tampa, where she lived from 2004-2011.  She was a big help to many of the elderly in the village.   Sr. returned to MA to live in our “62” community.  Here Anne took on the work of getting plane tickets for the sisters travelling to various areas, not an easy job, but as always, she gave her best to the sisters.   After some falls and bad health, Anne finally decided to come to Marilllac. She found her fourth floor community very welcoming.  Anne often shared with me how happy she was there.  She loved the sisters and they loved her.  Many found her open and enjoyed her sense of humor especially the different hats she would wear for the various feast days.  She enjoyed making people happy and her lit up hats certainly did this.  Anne was an ardent sports fan. Especially for the Patriots and the Red Sox’s. If you wanted to know anything about these teams, you could ask Anne. 

In the Gospel readings these days, we read about the vine and the branches. I believe Anne was pruned by her poor health; she suffered much and was pruned by this suffering.  Anne also believed in redemptive suffering and offered her suffering for her mission, the world.   Anne is now in the Presence of God with Mary delighting in her daughter.  Anne, pray that we too may give our all. 

We would like to thank the personnel of Newton Wellesley Hospital, Mass General Hospital and Care Dimensions for the care given to Anne in her last days of life.  A special thank you for the personnel of Marillac for their loving care.

Let me end with no. 54 of our constitutions: 

“In Mary we find strength and understanding in our weaknesses and difficulties.  Being close to God she can obtain for us by her prayer the grace of joy and fidelity, and we ask her to deepen in us that faith and love which animated her.”


Gratefully in Mary, 



Sister Helen Muller, smsm                                                      Sister Claire Rheaume,smsm

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