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Soeur Malia Kilisitina Taumalie (Filimohahau Kilisitina)

List of Deceased Sisters

Date of Death 11/12/2022

Sister Malia Kilisitina FILIMOHAHAU smsm

Born: 16/10/1937

Professed: 16/07/1960

Died: 11/12/2022

Sister Malia Kilisitina FILIMOHAHAU was born in the village of Utufua, Wallis, on 16 October 1937. The oldest in a family of nine children (six girls and three boys) she was the daughter of Pelenato Penisio FILIMOHAHAU and Soana SIMUTOGA.

Sr Malia Kilisitina entered the novitiate of the Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary on July 16, 1957, in Wallis. She was professed on 16 July 1960 in Wallis. She took the name of Sister Marie of the Visitation. Later, to facilitate administrative procedures, she returned to the use of her baptismal name Malia Kilisitina. Her final profession was at Ste-Foy-lès-Lyon in France, on 16 July 1966.

In 1968 she returned to Wallis where she served in Malaetoli for seven years. Following that she was asked to return to New Caledonia in Mont Mou, Paita where she worked for ten years. She was recalled to Wallis to be in charge of the canteen at Malaetoli. Because of the lack of suitable personnel, she was asked to manage the canteen at Lano for the boarders at Lano and Sofala. This she did for nine years.

In 1997 Sister Malia Kilisitina was called to look after the senior sisters in Sofala Wallis. She was always willing and available, she served for four years. Then, named to Poï for two years before returning to Wallis in 2002 to the community in Mua. Often Sister Malia Kilisitina moved around the sector in response to the calls to the mission.

From 2012 until 2014 she was in Maleatoli.  When our sisters withdrew from Malaetoli in 2014, Sr Kilisitina returned to the community at Mua Logolelei. She stayed at Logolelei until 2019 when she left to join the Sofala community. As her strength no longer allowed her to do anything, Sr Malia Kilisitina rejoined the elderly sisters’ community at Notre Dame Sofala.

She was a hard-working Sister wherever she was missioned.  Sr Kilisitina loved the success of all the young people she helped in her missionary life, and work well done. In spite of the difficulties, she felt and the weakness of not being able to move from her bed, she accepted all with a smile and serenity.  Sr Kilistitina had a strong desire to meet Jesus in the daily Eucharist (Const.15). She was a woman who lived in the hope and joy of meeting the Lord for whom she was waiting…

Together with her two sisters, Malekalita and Sesilia, niece Ginettand nephew Mathias, were with her on the evening of Sunday 11 December when she peacefully passed away at 7.30 p.m. Bishop Susitino SIONEPOEand all the priests were present for the mass celebrated at 6.30 the next morning, and all accompanied Sr Malia Kilisitina to her final place of rest at Sofala.

May God welcome you to His home. Alula, Malia Kilisitina.


Sister Lutekate Fauvale smsm