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Sœur Marie Luc COCHET (Cécile COCHET)

List of Deceased Sisters

Date of Death 21/01/2022

        Born: 3 November 1925

        Professed: 8 September 1950

        Deceased: 21 January 2022 

Cécile COCHET, born November 3, 1925 in Nantes, was the posthumous daughter ofElie Alexandre COCHET and Germaine GRASSET.  Her brother Elie died in infancy, her two sisters Christiane and Marie Thérèse remained  unmarried.  Her mother remarried and had another daughter, Noëlla, the mother of  Sister’s nephew Jean and the grandmother of her great-nephew François who accompanied her in the final hours of her life. 

Cécile remained deeply attached to her sisters and later to her nephews whom she always held in her prayer.

She arrived at the postulate in Sainte Foy-lès-Lyon in March 1948.  On September 7, she received the name of Sister Marie Luc, on entering the novitiate which, because of the Second World War, was made in Estrablin, in Isère. Sister Marie Luc made her profession in Sainte-Foy on September 8, 1950.

She embarked for Oceania, from Marseille, on the Chung King, on December 23.  By January 15, 1951, she was at the primary school of Tiaoué.  As our Constitutions say, "We are missionary for the whole of our life and wherever we are sent by the Congregation, recognizing in this sending the call of God inviting us to go forth today. (No 15) Marie Luc was always available. Until her first leave in France in 1966, she went to twelve communities in New Caledonia for teaching, community services or health services. She had a time of formation at the Magnin clinic and helped at the Ouvéa dispensary.

In 1967, after her second novitiate, she remained in France. First at Ste-Foy where she was the cook and did some pastoral work. Odile, in charge of the office at the parish, wrote to us: "I taught catechism with Sr. M. Luke, she was always willing to listen to everyone." In September 1969, she continued this apostolate in Saint-Victoret.

In 1972, Sister returned to Oceania, this time to the Massabielle hostel, (in Vanuatu) where young girls appreciated her good food and kindness. Apart from a year at the provincial house, she remained there until 1978 when she was called to Rome.  In January 1979, she returned to Massabielle.

The following year, she was at the Regional House (cooking and teaching catechism).

In 1991, she was in charge of Notre Dame du Repos in Saint Louis.

On February 1, 1994, the provincial house took advantage of her cooking skills.

After her leave in France, from October 1995 to March 1997, she went to Mont-Mou Accueil. A year later, she was at Notre Dame du Repos, serving the older sisters.  After another leave in France in 2001 she returned to Mont-Mou Accueil. 

In January 2007, Sister returned France definitively. She had the joy of finding her friends from Saint-Victoret. But her memory began to fail her.

Sister retired permanently in Sainte-Foy in September 2010. Sylvie, the speech therapist, came every week. Even if it did not help her regain her memory, it gave her a lot of joy! 

In September 2021, following a fall in her room, she was hospitalized for a month and a half. When she returned, she could no longer walk, she was very tired. But she kept her beautiful smile when she was not in too much pain!

On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, Fr. Georges Richard gave her the sacrament of the sick.  The next day, her nephew Jean arrived, followed on Thursday by François. 

On Friday 21 January at 10 p.m., Sister died peacefully, surrounded by Francois, Sister Male and several sisters. 

Sister Marie Luc was a missionary, joyful and totally given to her vocation. Back in France, she remained attentive to everyone, often asking for news about the sisters. Here in Sainte-Foy, despite her loss of memory, she knew how to welcome the people she met.  But she found it hard to be dependent and it wasn't always easy for those who cared for her! However, she was able to keep her keen sense of humor until the end. We give thanks to the

Lord for her long fidelity: 72 years of smsm life.  And for all that she has been for us.  May Mary - whom she loved so much - welcome her into the company of all the SMSM who have gone before her.

She was able to respond to this directive of Father Favre: "They will cherish each other as Sisters united together by Mary, Mother of Jesus and their Mother to work together for the glory of God [...]"[1]


The Sisters of 41, rue du Signal, Ste-Foy-les-Lyon

[1] Favre IV, 4 c/Méchin DD Art V p. 128-129/Vidal, cited in the Constitutions smsm p. 107.