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Sur Marie Daniela

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Date of Death 28/08/2020

SMSM SistersSister Marie Daniela Minozzi

Born 5 September 1927 at Padova in Italy

SMSM Profession

9 March 1958 at Ste Foy-les-Lyon

Died at Nazareth, Mont-Mou,

New Caledonia 28 August 2020

            Sister Marie Daniela, (Maria Fernanda Minozzi), was born into a large Christian family in Casalseruga, Padova, Italy. One of her remaining brothers regularly communicated with her and was the link with the rest of the family. One of her sisters, now deceased, lived in Australia.

            Sister Marie Daniela received her formation as a Missionary Sister of the Society of Mary at Ste Foy-les-Lyon, France, where she made her novitiate and then her first Profession on 9 March 1958.

            Algeria was her first mission from 1958 to 1965 where, at the Marist Fathers’ College in Hydra, her gifts of service to the community were greatly appreciated. On 9 March 1964 she made her Perpetual Profession at Ste Foy-les-Lyon.

            In 1965 and 66, she received training as a Nurse aide in Brescia, Italy.

            From 1968 to 1972, she gave service at the Santa Francesca Cabrini Parish in Rome, a parish run by the Marist Fathers. Once again, her gifts for cooking and sewing were of great service to all.

            In 1973, she took part in the SMSM Second Novitiate at Ste Foy-les-Lyon, France.

            After this in 1974 she was sent to New Caledonia where she worked as a Nurse aide and gave community service in various places: Bourail, Ecole Marie Reine (Thabor), Pouébo, Foyer Massabielle (Nouméa), St Joseph, (Ouvéa), La Foa, and Rivière Salée (Nouméa). As a community leader she was demanding on both herself and others. Her good heart and generosity compensated for her character that could at times be a little harsh. As she was used to life in schools and boarding schools, she liked being with children and young people; she was interested in learning about their life, their family and she encouraged them in their work.

            We received a message from Sister Luciana, who wrote:

Dear Sisters of New Caledonia,

 I am sad to hear of the death of Sister Daniela. We had a time together when working with the sick at the dispensary at Pouebo. The people liked her very much and appreciated her thoughtfulness and sensitivity. I thank God for this time spent together. I entrust her to Mary as she leaves this island and people that she so loved and served.

            Sister Marie Daniela always kept in close contact with her family. She would not miss her holidays in Italy for anything in the world. Twice she had a stop-over in Australia to visit her sister, and later, after her sister had died, her nieces and nephews. Her last holiday in Italy was in 2008, she returned happy to be back with her community, but she always hoped that she would be able to go again.

            When semi-retired at Rivière Salée, Sister remained very active: for a long time she was faithful in assembling the little booklet l’Espérance for the sick in hospital. She loved taking care of the altar linen or preparing the altar for the Eucharist. Always busy in the house, she was meticulous in all that she did. Every day she walked to Mass, and was happy to meet people, to speak with them and to develop relationships with the families.

            In 2015, the rest home community of our sisters was transferred to Mont Mou. For Sr Marie Daniela this meant the loss of little apostolic ministries at Rivière Salée and leaving friends behind. This was a big change that was difficult, and that disturbed her. Naturally, she tried to adapt…

            She received and read many Catholic magazines, especially those about St Anthony of Padua because she was very proud to be from his region! For some years she was no longer able to walk and needed a wheelchair. In this way she was usually able to be with the community for prayer in the chapel and at meals. She liked watching television and was especially filled with joy and wonder when there were flowers and birds. Always delighted to see children, her face would light up when she could be near them and embrace them with affection. Even when her memory had begun to fail, her love of children remained: after her breakfast she used to keep a piece of bread. When asked why she did not eat it, she would reply that is for the children (of her imagination). Her good heart remained active.

           Lately Sister’s health had deteriorated. She had difficulty in eating, in taking medication; the nurse had a lot of trouble when providing personal cares for her. On 9 August she suffered a severe stroke which left her paralysed on the right side and she had to be hospitalised. She could no longer speak or swallow. This must have been very difficult for her, and she expressed it through many gestures with her left arm which was still able to move.

           Sister Marie Daniela returned to her community on Wednesday, 26 August and died on Friday, 28 August 2020. The Lord gave her the grace of dying surrounded by her Sisters.

           May God welcome her into the Kingdom of light and peace, near to Mary, her mother, and all the SMSM and Marists who have gone before her!


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