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News inserted on 31/03/2011

Final Professions

SMSM SistersIn the early hours of the morning 29th January 2011 there was torrential rain. But by the time we were ready to leave for mass there was bright sunshine. It was a memorable day for the four SMSM Sisters, - Sister Agnes Naaru, Sister Palepa Aukusitino, Sister Teresia Bimara and Sister Juliana Mikaele Toluono. They committed their lives to God forever.

SMSM SistersThey said their Perpetual “YES” to their “Unseen Spouse”. The presence of their smsm sisters, families and friends from Fiji, Samoa and Kiribati to name a few of the countries was very special. The four sisters have been missioned in Peru, New Caledonia, Philippines and Tonga. The presence of Sister Malia Koleti Logote, representing the Oceania Province, and Sister Viviana Kidamasi (a Fijian) representing Latin America added to the joy and colourfulness of the occasion.

Archbishop Petero Mataca was the main celebrant and 24 other priests concelebrated. SMSM Sisters, friends and some parishioners gave us an angelic choir. As part of the offertory, the four sisters presented a symbol which explains what being a religious, Marist and missionary means for them. Sister Agnes’s symbol was a rose, Sister Palepa a pair of yankis (shoes) from Peru, Sister Teresia a fishing net, and Sister Juliana the fue and to’oto’o (traditional Samoan items used by an orator when presenting a speech). The explanation of each symbol was read out by Sister Judith Moore while each sister presented her own symbol.

It was a day of blessings and joy for all of us who were present, and one of gratitude for those who have been with us in prayer and in spirit.

Sr Juliana Toluono, smsm

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