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News inserted on 09/12/2015

Responding to the needs of the poor

In Maitum, Philippines, our sisters mostly work with the indigenous people and especially with groups of women in remote areas. Sisters Pelenatita and Francisca work with women and children to help them in the area of socio-economic development while Sister Tomoko runs the clinic. The BRC (Business Resource Centre) supports us in our work.

SMSM Sisters

There are many outreach programs that try to respond to the needs of the poor. During a recent medical programme we met an eleven year old boy, brought to us by a neighbour. He had a very serious infection of his cheek. Further investigation showed that he had tuberculosis. The Centre was able to find treatment for him.

SMSM Sisters

We learnt that our new friend lived far up in the mountains. His parents are dead and his only brother who is seventeen years old works in another province to provide something for their survival. He moved from this isolated area when there was no one to take good care of him. The lady who brought him to us felt pity for him when she found him stranded in their area and let him stay with them in a small house for more than two months until the day we saw him. Later on he was so excited to show us where he used to sleep in the little shed where the family cooked their coconuts and the piece of log he used as his pillow. We are now working with the authorities to provide a more permanent situation for him.

Our new friend is very unique in his own little ways. He is the centre of joy for the students and the BRC staff because of his sense of humour. He can cheer up everyone with his funny little songs. I can only just imagine how it must have been for him on his own after both parents died and how difficult it is for him now to adapt to what life offers him. It is also a challenge for us when trying to teach him many things especially discipline. We have had a great impact in his life but he also has had an impact on us. We are evangelising each other. He is slowly learning a lot of things and lives each day with hope. If the opportunity can be provided for him he has a bright future. We all love him and he is part of our family.

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