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News inserted on 25/06/2009

Workshops in Rome

SMSM SistersSisters Pafuti, Tupousisila and I came to Rome during the month of April to take part in a workshop for new treasures. Speaking for myself I found this workshop very helpful, and I think that my two sisters found the same. We covered basic book-keeping, both manual and using a computer accounting programme, we also looked at spirituality, canon law, and self-sufficiency. We were fifty participants all together from many different parts of the world and many different congregations, it was also a good opportunity for us to mix, share and learn from one another.

After our workshop the three of us spent the next two weeks learning more of our own smsm spirituality, charism and history. We spent time getting to know some of our pioneers more personally: Sister Marie de la Miséricorde, Sister Marie Rose, Sister Marie de la Merci, also Mother Mary Denyse our 2nd novice directress. These women were all very inspiring, they truly knew and lived their love of Mary, their missionary vocation and who truly put their entire trust in God from the depths of their beings. In these few weeks we have only tasted a small portion of our smsm heritage, we now have the rest of our lives to delve deeper and to live out in our times and in our mission the Gracious Choice of being like our Pioneers chosen by Mary to become a part of her Family. I would like to thank all our sisters here at the General House very much who have made this experience possible.

Sister Selena Jackson smsm

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