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Prayer intentions - 11/2020

Prayer Intentions of the Pope

Each month the Pope invites all members of the Church to pray for particular needs. This month the Prayer Intentions of the Pope are:



Universal prayer intention - Artificial Intelligence

We pray that the progress of robotics and artificial intelligence may always serve humankind.

Needs of the Church, the Congregation and the world

Join with us in praying for the needs of the Church, the Congregation and the world, in particular for:


§  The Jubilee Year of Creation which began on 24th May 2020 and will finish on 24th May 2021.

§  13th November World Kindness Day

§  20th November Universal Children’s Day

§  25th November International Day for Elimination of Violence against women

§  2nd December International Day for Abolition of Slavery

§  3rd December International Day of Persons with Disabilities



We remember our Sisters on their special anniversaries of Profession, and thank God for the way they have heard and responded to God’s call: 

60 years 

08 December 1960      Sr Teresa STUCZYNSKA, Australia


50 years  

08 December 1970      Sr Georgeanne Marie DONOVAN, Rome

08 December 1970      Sr Marie Polycarpe PIPISEGA, France


25 years

08 December 1995      Sr ‘Emanita ‘Ulupano, Solomons

08 December 1995      Sr Kurarenga TENAUA, Solomons

08 December 1995      Sr Saloni HELEPIKO, Tonga

17 December 1995      Sr Malia Sosefo TUULAKI, New Caledonia


Let us continue to remember in our prayers:

§  Our sisters and our loved ones who have died in the past year.

§  All those suffering from Covid 19.

§  Nurses, doctors and others who are caring for those suffering the effects of the pandemic.

§  All those in formation around the congregation, and their formators.

§  Young adults who are discerning their vocations.

§  Our sick sisters, and members of our families who have health problems.