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News inserted on 14/07/2016

Asie-Pacific Region – New Regional Leadership Team

SMSM SistersOn a sun-filled afternoon on Sunday July 3rd at Mont Mou, New Caledonia we farewelled the outgoing Regional team of Sisters Euphrasie, Julienne Hayes Smith and Lusia and welcomed the new team. A prayer in both French and English had been prepared for the occasion. SMSM SistersThe sisters from all the communities around Noumea were present to thank Sister Euphrasie and her team for being the path-finders for the new Region and to wish them well in their future ministries.

The new team - Sisters Jennifer Clarke, Jennifer Laku, Marie Claire Rambeloharinirina and Janice Ruff were presented with symbols of their roles for the next three years and these were placed at the feet of Mary and her Son as a re-commitment to a Marian form of leadership.

SMSM SistersAfternoon tea was offered and the star guests were the sisters from Nazareth, our retirement house. It appeared that language had no barriers as each one tried to understand the other with much laughter in between.

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