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News inserted on 10/05/2016

Interculturality – Sedos Seminar 2016

SMSM SistersThe theme of the residential seminar for SEDOS this year was Interculturality: Living and Mission.

Three smsm attended this seminar in Rome fro 2 -6 May 2016. The introduction began with images of people today on the move around the globe and then we saw walls, barriers and fences that have been put up to separate people. The stage was set for the seminar.

The two main speakers were Diana de Vallescar Palanca on “Context and Concerns of Cultural Interactions” and Fr Jon Kirby svd on “Intercultural Competence” and “Exit Learning, Entry Learning”.

Other presenters spoke of inter religious dialogue, inter congregational collaboration, pathways in intercultural mission and interaction with cultures. SMSM SistersWith 120 participants from all over the world you can imagine the rich exchange of ideas and experiences.

SMSM SistersOn the last day there was a lot of talk about needing an intentional process to live interculturality also the last message we had was to “see the world not as a problem but as a joyful mystery to be contemplated with gladness and praise”.  Laudato Si’ 12. 

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