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News inserted on 10/11/2014

New Experiences in Shinyanga, Tanzania

SMSM SistersIn our diocese the feast of the Assumption is a day of celebration for all the religious.Mary's words in her Magnificat were also in the hearts of four of us as we went out to four different parishes, ready and willing to deliver our homilies in KISWAHILI. We were inspired by the scripture readings of the Assumption and our Congregational leader’s letter about the ‘contemplative stance’ of our Pioneers: “The desire (the burning fire) in their hearts to follow Christ Jesus in the manner of Mary would have been the compelling force that moved them to offer their lives in service of others. Their decisive “Yes”… empowered by the same Holy Spirit”(Sr Georgeanne M. Donovan, 2014). In union with Mary, we contemplated and pondered these words in front of the Blessed Sacrament during our time of Adoration on 15 August and then with this “burning fire” alive in us we moved out and shared with others.

One of us also spoke on the Diocesan radio station.

The homily concluded with Mary's words to the Angel: "I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done to me according to His will.” Do we really understand the deep meaning of these words in our lives when we profess our own "YES"?

Sisters Ludeline, Lucinder, Sofia and Makelita 

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