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News inserted on 27/10/2014

Pilgrimage to Téné, New Caledonia, 2014 … Let us live out our faith in our actions

SMSM SistersIn the 1980s following the bloody events on the island of Ouvéa (part of the Loyalty Islands), there was violence and unrest. One of the Trappist Priests of Notre Dame des Iles monastery was inspired to organize a pilgrimage to ask Mary to help us achieve peace amongst ourselves.

 SMSM SistersWith the support of our Bishop, the assistance of Religious and lay people; the first pilgrimage took place at Pentecost 1988, with 4000 pilgrims coming from all parts of New Caledonia. This pilgrimage for peace and unity in the country is a time of fervent prayer dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Téné, takes place throughout the diocese every year around the time of Pentecost.SMSM Sisters

 This year several thousand people came together from all parts of the diocese, along with some representatives from our neighbouring dioceses.

 Since 1995 the young people of the diocese have been invited to come together for the week leading up to the pilgrimage, a gathering that has taken place each year for the past 18 years. More than 500 young people took part this year in the various workshops animated by adults, where they reflected on their faith and how to live it out in their daily lives. 

Sister Marie Claire

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