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News inserted on 03/09/2014

Reconstruction work at Notre Dame des Anges School, Vao, Ile des Pins, New Caledonia

SMSM SistersClassified as a historical monument by the Southern Province in 2006, the sisters’ house in Vao is starting to look young again! Situated in the courtyard of the present Notre Dame des AngesSchool, this important part of the history of Kunie is in danger. The two storied building dates from the time of the first Marist Fathers.





The reconstruction will take place in three distinct phrases. All of the work undertaken must replicate things as they were in their original state.The Association for the Preservation of the Religious Heritage of Kunie is putting much effort into this reconstruction. Stage one was completed at the end of March 2014.

SMSM SistersThis beautiful, imposing two storied building, constructed in local materials, apart from the sheets of iron on the roof and the windows, consisted of the refectory and classrooms on the ground floor and the dormitory on top of these. This building which dates from 1882, was built to replace the straw hut which had served as St Mary’s School for girls since 1859. From 1860 onwards, Sisters Marie de la Croix and Marie de la Présentation, would educate and teach French to the young people of Kunie, one of them being Hortense, the daughter of the High Chief Vendegou. In 1894 there were 130 girls, aged from 7to 18 years attending the school.

Sr Katalina Savea

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