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News inserted on 19/06/2014

SMSM Celebrate 150 years in Samoa

Celebrations to mark 150 years of SMSM presence in Samoa began 1 June 2014:–

SMSM SistersThis Jubilee celebration has been an overwhelmingly joyous and blessed occasion. The current pupils of our two schools, being both participants and witnesses of these events, will no doubt  carry the SMSM spirit to the future generations of Samoa.

SMSM SistersThe 8 days-of celebrations have been days of singing God's praises for faithfully bringing about his own plan of salvation for Samoa, through the Congregation. These have been days of singing and dancing for Mother Mary's gentle care and watchful protection over the Congregation throughout these many years of her evangelizing presence and service in Samoa.

SMSM SistersThe SMSM ex-pupils, who bore the weight of planning and realizing the Jubilee; the SMSM ex-pupils (100+ people) who flocked to Samoa from different parts of NZ, USA, Australia, Hawaii, and American Samoa, and the countless ex-pupils from around Samoa, gave ample witness to the living legacy of  SMSM loving service to generations of Samoans.

SMSM SistersFor us, SMSMs in Samoa, it was a humbling experience. And our hearts are filled with thanksgiving to God and to Mary for all who have gone before us in humility, simplicity, utter dependence on Divine Providence, commitment, self-less giving, wisdom, and love.

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