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S. Maria Ignazia Fausti

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Date of Death 16/01/2017

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Sister Maria Ignazia Fausti (Paolina)

1932 - 2017

"Here I am Lord, I come to do your will" Ps 39

Today we wish to remember Sister Maria Ignazia as a sister very close to everyone that the Lord has placed along her way. First of all within her big family: eleven brothers and sisters of which she (Paolina) was the second. A family that she left one day to respond generously to God’s call to be a Missionary Sister of the Society of Mary for the rest of her life. She was also close to all those who crossed her path during her SMSM life.

Sœur Maria Ignazia was born at Brozzo, Brescia, Italy, on 18th December 1932. Her parents Felice Fausti and Pierina Fausti raised a very christian family which certainly encouraged and contributed to the development of a life consecrated for mission in the church.

Sister Maria Ignazia entered our Congregation in 1955 to begin her formation to the SMSM life, at first in Bedizzole, Brescia and then at Ste Foy-les-Lyon in France where she made her first vows on 8th September 1957. She was missioned to New Caledonia.

It was in these islands that God was waiting to begin with her a long, a very long missionary life. She lived our charism as a Missionary Sister of the Society of Mary at the service of the community, the sick, the little ones, the very poor. She knew not only how to find out their needs but also to help them concretely, sharing what she herself had received “freely” from her Lord.

She made her perpetual vows on the 8th September 1963 in Brescia.

Sister Maria Ignazia was very definite in all that she was and everything she did. She often expressed her desire for an opportunity to return to Europe to continue her formation, both spiritual and professional. During her stay in France she worked to obtain a French State Diploma, so that she could be more skilled and effective in the service of the sick in New Caledonia.

She worked in New Caledonia at the Magnin Clinic and in different dispensaries entrusted to the SMSM. She left an unforgettable memory in the most isolated areas of the islands: Pouebo, Isle of Pines, Ouvea. During a certain period she served in Ducos where with much affection and love she cared for our brothers and sisters who were suffering from leprosy.

She was very close also to SMSM in isolated areas, and visited them when she had the opportunity of a few days off from her usual duties. Thank you Ignazia!

Sister Maria Ignazia also lived our SMSM charism in the Italian Church, firstly at Saint Francesca Cabrini Parish in Rome in collaboration with the Marist Fathers and later in an SMSM community giving service at Paul VI Pastoral Centre here in Brescia. She prayed especially for vocations, in particular for seminarians and young priests.

After some years Sister Ignazia resumed her journey back to the mission in New Caledonia. In July 2013, when she became sick, she came back for good to Brescia to our house for our senior and unwell sisters to continue to live in faith the last stage of her SMSM life.

Attentive to all of her sisters she used her remaining energy in giving little services, but most of all she allowed herself to be shaped by her God, communicating joy and peace to all those she met.

Maria Ignazia you gave absolutely everything, you kept nothing for yourself!

In the morning of the 16th January 2017, like Mary our first and perpetual superior, you have repeated your “YES” forever and for eternal life. You have always prayed for Christian unity, it is not by coincidence that today, the day of your new birth in heaven, is the first day of the week of prayer for Christian unity.

Pray for us also, your family, in particular for your sister Gian Paola who has only just gone back to her mission in Vanuatu.

Farewell, dear Maria Ignazia!