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Malia Petelo TAKIU

List of Deceased Sisters

Date of Death 10/05/2009

“To share the labours and trials” of the missionaries by the daily gift of themselves “in the tasks entrusted to them” in complete availability and self-sacrificing obedience, patience, humility, love, after the example of Mary, becoming “all things to all” with a “courage sometimes verging on heroism” inspired by Our Lord’s way of acting and His attitudes”.
(Prologue of the Constitutions: Their life)

The above could be said to sum up the life of Sister Malia Petelo TAKIU.

Valelia TAKIU TAUMALIE ALIKILOI (Sister Malia Petelo), daughter of Petelo Takiu and Koleta TAUMALIE ALIKILOI, was born at Vailala, Hihifo (Wallis) 05 October 1928. She made first profession 16 July 1950 at Sofala, and her perpetual vows as a Missionary Sister of the Society of Mary on 16 July 1956.

From 31 May 1951 till 1953, she wworked at Ile des Pins, New Caledonia where she supervised the boarders and improved her French. From there Malia Petelo went to Mala’etoli (Wallis) teaching the CP class until November 1961 when she went to the Novitiate at Mont as a member of the formation team. On 19 November 1970, she left for her Second Novitiate and a time of renewal in France. From August 1971, she was Provincial Councillor and was responsible for the Community of Hihifo and taught catechism to the children in school.

In 1975 she went to Fiji for training at the South Pacific Commission in order to work for the promotion of women villages in the fields of hygiene, handcraft, etc. From 1977 to 1978 she was superior of the Vila Malia community and worked in the hygiene department of the hospital of Sia. In September 1979 she was a member of the Provincial Chapter and then returned to Wallis to be superior of the Hihifo community. From 23 February 1984 till 4 September 1985, the congregation asked her give service at the General house in Rome. After that, in September 1985 she was sent to Futuna where she was the superior of the Kolopelu community until 24 February 1986.

As a Provincial Councillor, Malia Petelo took part in a training in New Caledonia in 1986, before taking up her responsibility as the Regional of Wallis and Futuna, she continued this service till June 1993. After a year in New Caledonia Malia Petelo went to Tonga where she used her gifts to serve the people there. In 1998, she returned to the community of Kolopelu and worked in catechetics.

From 2001 to 2002, she was in New Caledonia for health care and then went to Sausau. In 2007-2008 she helped to care for the senior sisters at Notre Dame Sofala and also was part of the group working on the translation of the Bible into the Wallisian language. At the beginning of that year, she was in the community of Vila Malia at Mata Utu where she visited the aged and people alone in the villages until Sunday 10 May 2009, when she peacefully left us at 12:45 pm.

All of Malia Petelo’s life was given for the education of children in catechetics and in teaching. She was a great help to the women in their important yet delicate tasks as mothers of families, as wives, as women of the home, as citizens and she also took part in the hygiene campaign in the villages. Who did not know Malia Petelo in Wallis and Futuna?

She was a peaceful religious who knew how to help and advise those who were in need. She knew how to give comfort to the person in pain. She helped the members of the Third Order of Mary and lately was a spiritual advisor to the Legion of Mary. Despite her age she was a tireless woman visiting and bring her joy to aged people and the sick. She worked much for reconciliation. She did not hold grudges.

Malia Petelo in the name of the Sisters and your family, we thank you for your courage, your fidelity, your perseverance, your faith that enabled you to give all your life to serve women, the families of our islands and further away. Your important help has allowed the Wallisian and Futunian women to be what they are today. Thank you for putting your talents at the service of our Congregation, the Diocese and the universal Church, having Mary as your only guide and model.

Malia Petelo go in peace and pray for the life of our Diocese and for our islands that have such a need for the peace of God, for the youth and for vocations.

Malia Petelo we say A Dieu to you,

Sister Malia Sosefo TUULAKI
Coordinator of the Sector of Wallis and Futuna