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Marie Renée ROCHETTE

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Date of Death 21/02/2008

Sister Marie Renée (Marie Jeanne Irma Rochette) was born on 13 September 1924 in Ardèche, France.

She entered the Sisters of Saint Joseph du Cheylard, a diocesan congregation in Aubenas, and made profession on 24 August 1947, with the name of Sister Marie Antoinette. After some years of religious life she realised that she had a missionary vocation and asked for permission to change congregations.

She entered the novitiate of the Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary at Ste Foy on 7 September 1953 and made profession on 8 September 1955.

Her life was spent working in Algeria and then New Caledonia and finally in France. She was gifted with the ability to work with the marginalised of our society.

The last seven years of her life were spent living the mystery of suffering as person with Alzheimer’s disease.

Sister Marie Renée died in her sleep on 21 February 2008 and was buried on 23 February 2008.

May she rest in peace.