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Sur Angela BULLINI

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Date of Death 12/01/2022

        Born: 14 April 1940

        Professed: 8 September 1965

        Deceased: 12 January 2022

Sister Angela BULLINI was born on April 14, 1940 in Pralboino (Brescia). She is the youngest of three children of Faustino BULLINI and Marta BARBIERI. Recalling the human and spiritual journey of Sr. Angela, we would like to share an article from our Constitutions :        

No 267 The sucesses and setbacks of life are not the measure of growth. We carry the cross with Jesus but, beyond the pain and the difficulty, our life is a continual experience of the faithfulness of God who inflames our hearts with the desire to be faithful in return.                                                                                                                                                                     

It was to follow her desire to serve the Lord as a missionary nun that on March 9, 1963, Angela entered the postulate of the Missionary Sisters of the Society of Marie at Casa Immacolata, Brescia – Italy. In the novitiate, she received the name of Sr. M. Patrizia. She made her profession on 8 September 1965. This desire to go on mission, combined with her strong and dynamic character, enabled her to do her studies, first passing her certificate of completion of secondary education, then her diploma as a nurse, which he obtained in Brescia. Sister then studied tropical diseases in Antwerp. She had not yet finished when she experienced the cross of illness.  After only three months in Belgium, she had to return to Casa Immacolata because she was sick. With courage, she faced her illness, followed the treatment and recovered. After her convalescence, she was able to return to Antwerp to complete her studies and set out on mission.  

On August 14, 1973, she was sent to Burundi, where for 10 years, from 1973 to 1983, in Kiremba, Rutana, Ndava and Gakome, she fulfilled her mission as a professional nurse. 

Sr. Angela made perpetual profession on January 5, 1975 in Brescia.

In December 1983, she left Burundi for good. On her return to Brescia, she continued her mission as a nurse at the clinic "Città di Brescia"  where she worked for 14 years. Sr. Angela finished her professional activity at the age of 60.  After a period of spiritual renewal and formation at the School of Faith in Fribourg, Switzerland, she devoted herself mainly to community service at Casa Immacolata and to the pastoral care of the sick.  She loved to sing. Until she had the strength, she conducted the music every Sunday morning at the parish Mass at 8:30 a.m.                                                                                                    

Thinking of Sr. Angela in her daily life, we remember her as a woman full of energy, dynamism and practical sense. She loved working in the garden, was constantly on the move, resourceful, with her toolbox always at hand. After work, she would walk around the park reciting the rosary. Although she had a license to drive the car, she drove a moped, to the point of being known in the neighborhood as "the nun on a moped" or more simply "Sister Moped".  However, it was difficult for Sr. Angela to channel her energies and this could make her relationships conflictual. In this regard we quote the testimony that the parish priest gave during the homily at her funeral: "It may be that Sr. Angela showed a character sometimes very hard and a little unpleasant. However, by dialoguing with her, I got to know a different person, the real Sr. Angela, a very sensitive woman who, little by little, was able to accept her character. It helped her at the end of her life to be at peace with herself, with the world, and with God".                 

We know that growth and faith are not measured by successes or failures.  What matters is the desire of the heart. This desire remained intact for Sr. Angela until the end, even during her illness, when she tried to carry the cross of physical suffering with Jesus. For some time she had carefully prepared her last encounter with the Lord, choosing for herself the readings and songs for Mass and the conduct of her funeral.

In paying her a final tribute, we welcome her testimony of a life totally given to God for Mission, despite her limitations, and we give thanks to the Lord for the gift of her fidelity.


The Sisters of Casa Immacolata - Brescia