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Sister Teresa Loda

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Date of Death 30/01/2020

SMSM SistersSister Teresa Loda, smsm

18 June 1927 - 30 January 2020


We give thanks to the Lord for the life of Sr Teresa Loda.

She was born in Cellatica (Brescia) on June 18, 1927, the eldest of thirteen children, of Faustino Loda and Adele Veneziani. She was one of the first Italian women who entered the SMSM Postulate in Bedizzole (Brescia) in 1946. She was 19 and the war had just ended. At that time, there was no novitiate in Italy. She left for France to complete her training and made her first profession on March 9, 1949, taking the name of Sr Maria Fausta. (Later she returned to her Baptismal name).

On March 27, 1950, Sr. Maria Fausta was appointed to New Caledonia, to Thio, where she remained for almost fourteen years, not only as a teacher, but also providing many other services.

She renewed her vows for 3 years in Thio on March 9, 1952 and made her perpetual vows in Thio on March 09, 1955.

Her dynamic temperament and practical common sense, and above all her love for Jesus Christ and the people to whom she was sent, led her to accept services unthinkable for a sister at that time, such as driving a truck to take the children to school, to the point of being nicknamed "Faustacar”.

In 1964 her Superiors called her to Italy to complete her studies and to become a formator of the young sisters, since at that time there were many vocations in Italy.  She also made her second novitiate at this time.

Sr Teresa was also the first Superior of the Vice Province of Italy-Burundi from 1971 and she continued to assume various responsibilities until she was again appointed Provincial Superior in 1990.

Sr Teresa was always ready to “set out and set out again” on Mission, in different countries such as Burundi and Rwanda, continuing her role as a formator in missionary religious life. On her return to Italy, she was part of the community of Alfonsine, which was opened in 2000, for parish services with the Marist Fathers.

At the age of 78, her love for the mission brought her back to Rwanda, to Butare, as a community leader. Returning to Italy in 2007, Sr Teresa continued her mission in Casa Immacolata through prayer, hospitality, listening to people, paying attention to the events of the Church and society, and showing serenity and confidence.

All these things tell us about the availability of Sr Teresa, of all the services she rendered, but we also remember her attentive listening attitude, which we now appreciate even more in its depth.  Her friendliness was constant and genuine, the quality of her welcome gave the impression of being almost expected; she also knew how to welcome each sister kindly even after a little tiff.

Sr Teresa lived with great missionary impulse all the services she was asked to do either in overseas mission or in Italy. She had a positive, optimistic outlook on life, she always hoped, she trusted. What strikes us a lot after her death, is her attention to spirituality, to living faithfully the stages of her religious life and celebrating its memory through prayer. (She did this especially on the occasion of her 70th jubilee of profession in 2019).

This faithful and constant commitment paid off abundantly. We can now see that. A few hours before her death, Sr Teresa, in full consciousness, wanted to renew her vows in the presence of Sr. Marisa, Superior of the community, her sister Cesara and her nieces. Afterwards, she said:

"Now I am ready: The Lord calls me; I leave in full serenity;                                                                    

I give thanks to the Lord for the long life filled with the graces God has given me.

I was happy and blessed, I am at peace andready toleave for theFather's house.

 Say hello to everyone for me! »

All this makes us better understand who Sr Teresa was; we will be ever grateful for her.


SMSM, Casa Immacolata