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News inserted on 10/06/2018

The Time has come: Marist Youth Gathering 2018

SMSM SistersLast weekend, Mary Jane, Annemarie, Carlota Calle and I lived a wonderful and life-giving experience at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, USA. SMSM SistersIt was encouraging to see so much enthusiasm, joy and youth participation in all the activities organized by the team. All the meeting was focused on the slogan: THE TIME HAS COME

The presentations and workshops kept us busy and there was much interaction between the young people and adults. Even on Sunday morning despite the rain, we enjoyed a variety of games. Everything was well organized with time for group reflection, prayer, music, and recreation. I had the opportunity to participate in a panel with a Marist Brother’s novice and a postulant of the Marist Fathers, we each shared about our congregations and our experience as religious. It was an opportunity for a work in collaboration with the Marist Family.

SMSM SistersI was impressed to see many Latino faces in the youth; they came from Mexico, Canada and different States in this country. The final Mass waSMSM Sisterss in three languages: French, Spanish and English. Lastly, I would say the food was very multicultural with a mixture for all tastes.

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