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News inserted on 19/03/2010

SMSM celebrate 50 years of presence in Peru

SMSM SistersWe remembered, we celebrated and gave thanks for:
• the presence of God and Mary that accompanies our missionary journey
• “the Work of Mary” in each sister who has ministered and continues to do so in Latin America
• the province of North America who sent the first group of sisters to open this mission
• all the people we have served and are serving, knowing that we are mutually evangelized
• the 50 years among the people of Peru and Colombia and the inter-weaving of our lives with theirs.

SMSM SistersThese years have been converted into living memories for us. The events, the places, the relationships that have molded us and transformed us: times of joy, laughter, suffering, and tears. Remembering this today in our celebration is very good!

We were privileged to have Sr Rufina Medina, one of the five pioneers from the North American Province, present, to celebrate with us.
Two weeks before our official celebrations we received a call from the Bishops’ Conference to invite us to a ceremony of presentation in which we received a gold medal in appreciation for our service to the church in Peru during these fifty years. With us were Brother Eduardo fms and the Archbishop of Ayucucho Luis Sebasitani sm.

SMSM SistersOur celebrations began with a retreat together in Chorrillos on Consecrated Life. It was given by a Peruvian lay woman, Lusia Broggi. The retreat was presented within the method of the Ignatian Exercises. We appreciated very much Lusia’s depth of spirituality and centeredness.
The retreat was then followed by our assembly and we had the added joy to have Sisters Georgeanne and Malia Nive with us. We are conscious that this is a new epoch; we are at the dawn of the next 50 years. Therefore we go forth in a spirit of faith, hope and audacity, as did our pioneers, so as to be relevant for the Kingdom.

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