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News inserted on 19/01/2010


SMSM SistersOur community of five sisters from five different nationalities is involved in various ministries. Sr Luigina, works as a nurse at the Diocesan Centre in Maaharivo, where people with chronic illnesses such as leprosy, tuberculosis and other illnesses often caused by poliomyelitis are treated.

Sisters Françoise, Lucie Zo and Béatrice work at the Centre for the advancement of women. Sr Lucie is also involved in the parish.

Sr Aubierge taught French at the the Lycée of the Frères des Ecoles Chrétiennes, she has just been replaced by Sr Gisèle Ndione. SMSM SistersThe community tries to be attentive to poor families and when they can they help with the education of these children. The country is struggling because of the economic crisis and each day the number of the poor increases.

Sr Lucie Zo and Béatrice went with the young people from Ambositra to the Youth gathering, Mada. The following is their account:

Youth gathering, MADA 2009
The theme of this gathering: Young Catholics strengthened by the Spirit, unite and reconcile the world to Christ. SMSM Sisters

Each Diocese spent months preparing for this huge gathering of young Catholics from the whole country at Tuléar (in the south of Madagascar). The leaders made great efforts to raise the necessary finance. More than fifteen thousand young people gathered with fourteen bishops and a hundred priests.

We left Ambositra on Tuesday 1 September towards 11am and arrived the following morning at 2 am. The Police estimated that more than 900 minibuses and cars were used for the transport of the young people. The weather was beautiful, it was hot. We were very warmly welcomed by the people of Tuléar. Joy was to be seen on all faces.

The young people were spread out in several sites for the catechesis. It was a special time of teaching and sharing of faith around the theme of reconciliation.

On Wednesday 3 September about 3 pm, Archbishop Fulgence RABEONY, archbishop of Tuléar with numerous bishops, priests and deacons celebrated the Opening Mass.

On the first day we reflected on Reconciliation in the Malagasy culture. SMSM SistersReconciliation in St Paul was the theme of the second day and on the third day we continued our reflection on reconciliation. That same afternoon we had a time of prayer and adoration. Each diocese took a turn in leading the prayer. Priests were available in different places for confession. Prayer and veneration of the Mada Youth Gathering Cross continued into the night.

The Closing Mass took place on Sunday 6 September. Archbishop Fulgence RABEMAHAFALY of Fianarantsoa and president of CEPAC presided with the other bishops of Madagascar. The liturgical ceremony during this Eucharist was beautiful. What an intense time of faith! An exchange of the Crosses used by the various dioceses to mark this gathering, took place before the departures.

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses.” (Acts 1, 8)

The next rendezvous for the youth gathering, MADA, is in 2012 at Diégo (north of Madagascar).

Srs Lucie and Béatrice

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