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News inserted on 19/01/2016

I looked back on the Past 75 years with GRATITUDE

As we gathered in the small circular open Church of St. Martin de Pores at the foot of the hills of Gordon Town, Kingston, I was particularly aware of the two fold purpose of our gathering: The Celebration of our common Marist Feast day, the Holy Name of Mary, and the 75 years of SMSM Service in Jamaica. This latter part of our celebration touched me deeply as I recalled with great love and gratitude in my heart Sisters Zita and Germaine who, having set out and set out again from Fiji, my country of birth, to far away Jamaica, the “land we love”!

SMSM SistersI recalled with deep affection Sr. Mary Alacoque, on returning to New Zealand, after ten years in Jamaica, persuaded and convinced me that I could and would do well in Jamaica.  That same year I responded to the invitation from Sr. Rosalie, Provincial of North America, for a Sister to Administer the Holy Family Self Help Center in Montego Bay. On my way to Jamaica I arrived in Sydney on the day of the funeral of Sr Mary James, who spent many years at the Hansen Home. I remember as I knelt beside her coffin, I asked her to give me some of her daring missionary spirit which she lived so faithfully in Jamaica.

As we sang with jubilation the Opening hymn of our Celebration, “We have come from the Distance” I recalled with affection the writer of the hymn, Sr Georgeanne Marie, who influenced so many lives in her 25 years of devoted service in Jamaica. To ALL of you my Sisters who are still here with us and for all who have gone before us, I THANK YOU for your love and devotion in serving our people of Jamaica. We stand proudly on your great shoulders.

We were 14 smsm present at the celebration, coming from 9 nations of the world. I felt privileged to be part of the 75 years of our history in Jamaica and I thank God for His great love and Mary’s gracious choice to be a member of her family. I am reminded of the words of Pope Francis, “You have not only a glorious history to remember and to recount, but also a great history still to be accomplished” (Letter on Consecrated Life).

Sr Teresia Tinanisolo, smsm

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