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News inserted on 19/01/2016

Launch out into the deep

The two members of this new community in Damulog, Philippines, Sisters Noemi Degala and Susitina Siale, are working for the diocese in pastoral activities and in the school.

Sister Susitina writes: I feel I have thrown my net into deeper waters. I have been 5 months in the Philippines. I am at St Xavier de Damulog High School.

SMSM SistersI find the teachers are totally devoted to training the young ones so that they value and find joy in talking about God.  I admire this very much. I see the messages of Pope Francis being lived in the school. The students are teaching me!  The religious education programme is an integral part of the school life. Time is generously given in the daily program to religious studies.SMSM Sisters In the month of October we had processions, reciting of the rosary, quizzes about Mary, art work done on the ground etc. Prayer is at the heart of all learning. The Campus ministry team help us all to prepare for feastdays, have retreat days and study and put into practice our Catholic Faith.

Sr Susitina Siale Latailakepa

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