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News inserted on 12/01/2016

A Meeting of the Family!

SMSM SistersIn Spain from 25 to 27 September 2015 the Marist Brothers organised a training for Marist Laity. Among those present were those who are involved in vocation awareness. All was held within the context of the Year of Fourvière, celebrating the Marist Bicentenary, 1816-2016. The Marist Brothers from the Ibérica Province invited the other members of the “family” in order to share their joy. So, we arrived at Lardero, near to Logroño, in the autonomous area of La Rioja in the north of Spain. Our group was: Sister Silvia sm, missioned in London, Daniel sm missioned in Coslada, Fr Angel sm missioned in Madrid and myself Sister Beatriz smsm missioned in Marconia (Italy). A beautiful sun awaited us on our arrival.SMSM Sisters

We were welcomed by Brother Alejandro fms! We immediately felt at home. Little by little the lay members arrived. An incredible vivacity filled all the spaces!

SMSM SistersWhat was the best? The prayer? Yes! It was well prepared and linked with the day and the theme! Food? Yes, very good! Beautifully presented for sure! The organisation? It went as far as the last detail and there were many details! Brother Emili’s sharing? Magnificent! In a very pedagogical way he helped us to move out of our zones of “comfort”. The witnessing? Yes, very profound! Each life, each call, each “gracious choice” was unique and at the time same had the same desire to make the loving plan of God one’s own.

Then there was the family spirit, the joy of knowing oneself to be chosen by Mary, to feel oneself to be a member of her family, to see how the Marist spirit still attracts new daughters and sons in the Church and for the Church and for the whole world.

Sr Beatriz smsm

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