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News inserted on 10/08/2009

News from the Fiji Islands

SMSM SistersVocations Exhibition
On Saturday, July 11th a Vocations Exhibition in which ten Congregations took part was held in one of the parishes of Suva, Fiji. The day began with the celebration of the Eucharist followed by breakfast in the church hall where each congregation had displayed its photos and materials. During the morning a representative was given five minutes in order to tell his or her vocation story and this was followed with questions from the audience. After several talks there was a break with time to browse at the different pavilions. SMSM SistersSisters Loyola, Palepa and Juliana represented the smsm. There were many questions and a joyful atmosphere amongst those who attended.

Renewal of Vows
On Sunday, June 14th at the St Mary’s community Mass Sisters Ruma and Palepa renewed their vows. The whole community, including the community’s centenarian Sr Theophile, was present at the Mass celebrated by Fr Michael O’Connor sm, the rector of the Pacific Regional Seminary. Several seminarians provided the musical accompaniment to the singing.
SMSM Sisters
Sister Ruma from Bangladesh is completing a three year course in teacher training at Corpus Christi Teacher College. After first profession she worked in the smsm community in Labasa which is in the northern section of Fiji. Her ministry, primarily in the parish, included contact with women in the rural areas.

After first profession Sister Palepa was missioned to Peru where she spent four years in the mountains. There she was involved in parish work and visitation of the far-flung villages within the parish boundaries, many of which can only be reached on foot. Sister is at present in her second year at the University of the South Pacific where she is undertaking studies in language and education.

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