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News inserted on 20/11/2015

Remembering the Sisters on the Chatham Islands 1949-1999

SMSM SistersThe Chatham Islands community invited our Congregation to send two representatives for the unveiling of a storyboard documenting the work of our Sisters on the Chatham Islands from 1949 to 1999. We sincerely thank all those who were responsible for making this very special event take place and to the Department of Conservation in erecting numerous Storyboards in historic sites around the island.

The week on the Chathams was a wonderful opportunity for Sister Mary Aidan and Mary-Ann Kaye to reconnect with many old friends and retell numerous stories stretching back over the times the sisters worked on the Chathams. It also provided them the chance to see for themselves the development that has brought the island to its present status as a holiday destination for many from New Zealand and further afield. It was a delight to be able to fly direct to the Chathams from Auckland – a 100% improvement on the travel experiences of most SMSM in former days!


The first stop was for a brief prayer and the sharing of memories at the cemetery beside the Church, where our Sister Mary Ignatius rests in peace. Later after the Mass on Sunday the graves were blessed and there was more sharing of memories where there were tears and laughter mixed with lots of love. This was followed by the unveiling of the plaque at the hospital, now a Health centre. Refreshments and further sharing of memories took place at “the Den”, at Norman Kirk Memorial Reserve.

It was a special joy to see that most of the staff at the health centre are Chatham Islanders. 

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