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Prayer intentions - 05/2023

Prayer Intentions of the Pope

Each month the Pope invites all members of the Church to pray for particular needs.This month the Prayer Intentions of the Pope are:


MAY - For church movements and groups

We pray that Church movements and groups may rediscover their mission of evangelisation each day, placing their own charisms at the service of the needs of the world.  

Needs of the Church, the Congregation and the world

Join with us in praying for the needs of the Church, the Congregation and the world, in particular for:

We remember our Sisters celebrating Jubilees and thank God for all the graces they have received in their Marist missionary lives:


Sr. Marie LAMERAND         01 May 1963            Australia


Sr. Jhorna GOMES             22 May 1998            USA


 Let us continue to remember in our prayers:

  • The preparatory work for the general chapter.
  • The calls to us as smsm to respond to new needs in mission with outreach to families in distress, to refugees and migrants.
  • The young women who are discerning a vocation to be smsm:   

                         Victoria from Nigeria, and Lilliane from Kenya who will have their "Come and See" experience in Tanzania;

                  Laura from Kenya and Sheila from Ghana who will have their "Come and See" experience in Rwanda;

                 Lilian from Nigeria who will have her "Come and See" experience in Burundi.

  • Our sisters in the communities of Shinyanga, Butare and Ngozi who will welcome these aspirants and help them in their discernment.
  • Our generous benefactors who help us by their prayers and sacrifices.
  • Our sisters, our loved ones and our benefactors who have died recently.