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Prayer intentions - 03/2023

Prayer Intentions of the Pope

Each month the Pope invites all members of the Church to pray for particular needs.This month the Prayer Intentions of the Pope are:


MARCH – For victims of abuse

We pray for those who have suffered harm from members of the Church; may they find within the Church herself a concrete response to their pain and suffering.

Needs of the Church, the Congregation and the world

Join with us in praying for the needs of the Church, the Congregation and the world, in particular for:


We remember our Sisters celebrating Jubilees and thank God for all the graces they have received in their Marist missionary lives:


Sr. Geneviève CLEYET                 09 March 1963        Senegal

Sr. Janet VENO                             09 March 1963        USA

Sr. Jeanne PERRAULT                  09 March 1963       USA

Sr. Michèle RENAUD                     09 March 1963       Senegal

Sr. Nicole Marie BEGUEC              09 March 1963       France

Sr. Susan K. SCHERKENBACH     09 March 1963       USA


Let us continue to remember in our prayers:

  • People suffering from natural disasters, especially the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.
  • People living in situations of war, especially in Ukraine and Russia.
  • The regional chapters now taking place and the preparatory work for the general chapter.
  • SMSM and young people preparing to participate in the International Gathering of Marist Youth in Portugal 26-29 July, then in the World Youth Day that will follow.
  • Our generous benefactors who help us by their prayers and sacrifices.
  • Our sisters, our loved ones and our benefactors who have died recently.