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Prayer intentions - 11/2018

Prayer Intentions of the Pope

Each month the Pope invites all members of the Church to pray for particular needs. This month the Prayer Intentions of the Pope are:


Universal: In the Service of Peace

That the language of love and dialogue may always prevail over the language of conflict.

Needs of the Church, the Congregation and the world

Join with us in praying for the needs of the Church, the Congregation and the world, in particular for:


  • Sr Georgeanne Marie Donovan’s visitation in Oceania.  
  • 15 November: Closing Mass for the “New Wine in New Wineskins” programme at Via Cassia.
  • 60 Years of Profession: Sr M André Romary - 21 November 1958 - 2018  (New Caledonia) 
  • 25 Years of Profession: 20 November1993 - 2018 
    • Sr Epiphanie Nyandwi (Senegal)
    • Sr Monique Mugilimana (Rwanda)   
  • The deceased members of our families and of our congregation.  Let us pray especially for all the SMSM Sisters who have died this year, and for our Sisters who have lost a family member.
  • SMSM postulants in Fiji, and aspirants in several countries who are being accompanied their discernment of a call to religious life, as well as those who are accompanying them. 



15 November:

  • Departure of Marie Françoise Perroton for Oceania (1845)
  • Anniversary of the death of Fr Jean Claude Colin (1875)



  • 14 November: World Diabetes Day
  • 16 November: International Day for Tolerance
  • 25 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women